Yoga Teacher at Home

Yoga Classes at Home 


Yoga Health Benefits 


  • Yoga for Total Body workout 
  • Yoga for Increasing flexibility.
  • Yoga for Muscle strength and body toning .
  • Yoga for Improving Breathing exercise.
  • Yoga for Maintaining balanced metabolism.
  • Yoga for Weight loss.
  • Yoga for physical & Mental relaxation
  • Yoga for Increasing Stamina
  • Yoga for all kind Diseases.
  • Yoga According to your Health Problems


At Home Service Timings


Male Teacher : - 5am to 9pm

Female Teacher : - 7am to 7pm


Yoga Batch Duration :- 1 Hrs  Yoga Classes


Yoga Teacher Experience 


  • Above 5 - 10 years Experience. 
  • Certified & Trustable  Yoga Teacher.
  • Well Trained & Disciplined Yoga Teacher 


Yoga Monthly Classes  


  • 3 Days in a week Rs. 5000 per month  
  • 5 Days in a week Rs. 8000 per month 
  • 6 Days in a week Rs. 10,000 per month


Yoga Benefits at Home  


  • Yoga at your place according to your timings.
  • Yoga according to your flexible timings.  
  • Get regular Yoga health tips.
  • Get a diet plan according to your health issues.
  • Feedback about your health progress.

Home Yoga Service 


All over Mumbai 

All over  Delhi 

All over  Gorakhpur (  Uttar Pradesh )    



Yoga Trial Rs.200