Yoga classes in School



Schools and colleges are the place where an individual’s future is developed. Student develops inner potential to change the world. This is a huge task and there is no time to relax. Due to burden, student normally face many challenges like lack of concentration, poor decision making, poor willpower, peer conflicts etc, that affects their career as well as their personality and life.

The important question is - Can Yoga help students in achieving their goals?

The answer is yes – Definitely.


How Yoga works?

Improves Concentration

The school OR college assignments have a lot of load of various assignments which require high level of concentration and memory. With regular meditation and relaxation practice can help a lot to maximize one concentration and memory power.

Strengthens the willpower


Willpower is required to handle pressure on daily basis. There is huge pressure on students like academic performance, family pressure, and financial threats that can take a toll on a student’s psyche and success in school.

Reduce constant level of stress

Competition is big and race is on 24*7. One has to be fully focus, physically and emotionally fit while working. Here, there is no room for stress. A small daily practice of meditation & relaxation techniques can help a lot to keep low stress level.



1 hour session for Students with various systematic exercising techniques.

Timing Available Morning - Evening

Male Timings: - 5am to 9pm - IS

Female Timing: - 7am to 7pm - IST


Mob: 8080504061