Corporate Yoga classes all Mumbai

Corporate Yoga Classes all Mumbai


"Premanand Yoga" offers special designed
programs which are targeted to de-stress,
relax and unwind the mental fatigue,charge
the body with vigor and vitality,
activate and rejuvenate the senses,  

Reduces stress.

Improves alertness and decision-making skills.

Heightens the ability to calmly react to demanding situations.

Encourages balanced energy and vitality throughout the work shift.

Builds team spirit and community by bringing people

together in a peaceful, stress reducing, and encouraging environment

Reduces the cost of stress-related illnesses and absenteeism


Yoga  for Weight loss - increase your Stamina

Yoga is Helpful for Stress - Body Flexibility

Yoga  for all Kinds of Diseases

Yoga According to your Health Problems

Yoga Concentration increases your Memory Power

Corporate Yoga Charges for Months


3 days in a week Rs.10000  per month

5 days in a week Rs.18000  per month

6 days in a week Rs.20000  per month


Timing  Available Morning - Evening


Male Timings :- 5am to 9pm

Female Timing :- 7am to 7pm

Mob : 8080504061

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