Corporate Yoga classes

Corporate Yoga Classes


Corporate Yoga - Improving concentration and enhancing energy levels help to relieve tension needed for physical activity and stretching Improves alertness and decision-making skills Together in a peaceful, stress reducing, and encouraging environment Reduces the cost of stress-related illnesses and absenteeism


Yoga for Total Body workout  | Increasing flexibility | Muscle strength and body toning |  Improving Breathing exercise | physical & Mental relaxation | Increasing Stamina  Concentration & Memory Power | Yoga According to your Health Problems


Corporate Yoga Timings


Male Teacher Timings

Morning 5.00 am to 9.00 pm | 1 hr session Flexible Timing available


Female Teacher Timings

Morning 7.00 am to 7.00 pm |1 hr session Flexible Timing available


Corporate Yoga Charges


Rs. 10000/- per Month 3 times a week 1 hr session

Rs. 18000/- per Month 5 times a week 1 hr session

Rs. 20000/- per Month 6 times a week 1 hr session


Yoga Teacher Experience 


Above 5 - 15 years Experience. 

Certified & Trustable  Yoga Teacher.

Well Trained & Disciplined Yoga Teacher 


Yoga Physical Benefits - Yoga is a form of low-impact exercise that is suitable for people of all ages .Yoga builds muscle strength , increases flexibility and Stamina, perfect source for Weight loss , body toning and full body workout also improves body Posture .


Yoga Health Benefits - Practicing yoga improves immunity and Metabolism ,  enhances  blood circulation , improves Cardiovascular Endurance , good for body-wide inflammation. Yoga is beneficial for all Health Diseases .


Yoga Mental Benefits  - Yoga encourages mindfulness and relaxation, which helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression . Yoga helps to improve focus and concentration, as well as increase feelings of calm and peace. Yoga relaxes you, to help you sleep better.


Yoga Spiritual Benefits - The practice of yoga can help to promote a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s place in the world. It can also help to increase a sense of connection to something greater than oneself.


Procedure - The Teacher will understand the client's body requirement and then will give an appropriate workout . Our teachers have cured almost 90% of the diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid, migraine, Asthma, Arthritis , slip disc, sciatica, frozen shoulder, varicose vein, tennis elbow, cervical etc. The regular practice of yoga helps individuals combat such diseases and Keep healthy lifelong.