Yoga for Diabetes Control



What is Diabetes?


Diabetes is condition in which body does not produce sufficient insulin or use it properly. So it leads to high glucose in blood.


How person gets Diabetes?


1.      Excess of mental work and less physical work.

2.      Unhealthy lifestyle and irregular eating habits.

3.      Consumption of heavy, oil and sweet food.

4.      Diabetes is considered to be a hereditary disease which passes to next generation.

5.      Unnatural change in the life style.


How yoga can cure diabetes?


Most common causes behind DIABETES are Obesity, stress, and high blood pressure.

its completely proved that regular practice of pranayama and asanas helps to reduce stress, high blood pressure and ,excess weight .. regular practise of pranayama and asanas will leads to strengthening the body, reducing aches and pains, increasing flexibility, decreasing stress, boosting the immune system and many other health benefits.


What pranayam has to be done for Best Results?


Bhastrika Pranayam – Has to be done 30 – 60 times (Daily)

Kapalbhati Pranayam – To be done 500 – 700 times (Daily)

Anulom-Vilom Pranayam – To be done 20 – 40 times (Daily)

Bhramri /Udgeeth (OM) – to be done 5 times each (Daily)



Asanas to be practised


Mandukasana – To be done 5 times (Daily)

Bhujangasana – To be done 5 times (Daily)

Pawanmuktasana – To be done 5 times (Daily)


Dietary Precautions




1.    Normal Food with Less Fats & Carbohydrates but with High Fibres. Best food is Fruits (except banana, mango & grapes ) & Vegetables.

2.    Fenugreek OR Methi should be taken empty stomach.

3.    bitter melon OR Karela should be eaten regularly to cure diabetes.




Non-vegetable Food, Milk & Milk Products (Skimmed milk can be taken), Rice, Oily & Spicy Food, Refined Foods, Fast Food, Preserved Food.




Precautions :


1.Do not pratice any Asan OR Pranayam in which you don’t feel comfortable.

2.Do not over do the exercises if you feel pain in your body.

3.Start exercises mildly and then increase the repetitions as per your capacity.

4.People suffering from Back pain,Slip disc OR chronic disease should only practise Yoga and other exercises under the expert supervision otherwise do not do it.

5.Pregnant women should only practise Yoga and other exercises only under the supervision of an expert otherwise do not practise any exercise by watching videos or website material.