Body Flexibility



What is Body Flexibility?


Stretching exercises are very helpful in getting a flexible body .You can't become flexible in a day and it requires continuous practice with exercise and diet... You need to get in the habit of practicing stretching exercises every day. With patience and time, you'll become more flexible.


How a person gets his/her body more flexible?


There are some important rules should take care-


1.       Take good care of your inner body – Drink more water and eat a healthy diet.

2.       Do stretching exercises for joints.

3.       Shoulder stretches

4.       Back stretches

5.       Chakrasana

6.       Bhujangasana

7.       Matsyendra Asana

8.       Halasana

9.       Ardha halasana

10.   Kon and Trikonasana

11.   Standing and sitting stretching exercise





1. Do not practice any Asana OR Pranayama in which you don’t feel comfortable.

2. Do not over do the exercises if you feel pain in your body.

3. Start exercises mildly and then increase the repetitions as per your capacity.

4. People suffering from Back pain, Slip disc OR chronic disease should only practice Yoga and other exercises under the expert supervision otherwise do not do it.

5. Pregnant women should only practice Yoga and other exercises only under the supervision of an expert otherwise do not practice any exercise by watching videos or website material.