Stomach Fat Loss



What is Stomach fat?


Stomach fat refers to extra fat build up near the belly/stomach area which likely to have a negative effect on the health. Extra fat leads to serious diseases like heart disease, diabetes and Hypertension. Stomach fat internally also affects the internal organs like liver, kidney and heart, pancreas.


How a person gets stomach fat?


1.       Lack of physical exercise.

2.       Digestion problem

3.       Incorrect sitting posture

4.       Consumption of alcohol and other beverages.

5.       Increase in Excess fat after pregnancy

6.       Use of certain medicines



How Yoga helps in reducing stomach fat?


Yoga helps in calming the mind and reduces the urge to eat junk or unnatural food hence controlling the fat issues. There are set of Yoga asana and diet plan which helps one stay fit and follow the proper routine.


Best pranayams in order to reduce belly fat


1. Kapalbhati

2. Agnisar kriya


Best asanas to reduce belly fat


1.Standing Exercises ( All exercises should 10-20 times )

2.Pawanmukt Asana ( 10-20 times )

3.Naukasan ( 20 - 40 times )

4.Ardha - Halasana ( 20 - 40 times )

5.Crunches ( 50 -100 times )

6.Jogging to be done daily ( 20-40 mins )


Food to be avoided - Fatty, oily and junk food should be avoided completely.


Food to be taken in diet - Food with fiber should be taken in diet like cereals, fruits and green vegetables.


Precautions :


1.Do not pratice any Asan OR Pranayam in which you don’t feel comfortable.

2.Do not over do the exercises if you feel pain in your body.

3.Start exercises mildly and then increase the repetitions as per your capacity.

4.People suffering from Back pain,Slip disc OR chronic disease should only practise Yoga and other exercises under the expert supervision otherwise do not do it.

5.Pregnant women should only practise Yoga and other exercises only under the supervision of an expert otherwise do not practise any exercise by watching videos or website material.