English Sitkari Pranayama




What is sitkari pranayam?


Sitkari is also known as teeth hissing pranayam where the practitioner creates the sound made by drawing in air, a kind of reversed hissing. The sound is produced while inhaling through the front teeth-either tightly closed and should be regulated so as to be smooth and sound pleasant.



How to do sitkari pranayam?


1. Sit in sukhasana OR any other comfortable sitting posture.

2. Clench your teeth & fold your tongue backwards and press the folded tip to the teeth.

3. Inhale through your clenched teeth making a hissing sound, and feel the coolness of the breath penetrate your entire system.

4. Exhale through your nostrils, mouth tightly shut.

5. Repeat the process all over again.

6. Start with 3 rounds and then increase to 5-10 times.



Benefits of doing Sitkari pranayam


1. Cools and relaxes the whole body and mind.

2. Cures mouth ulcers and hyperacidity.

3. Control thirst, hunger and laziness.

4. Soothes the nervous system & eliminates heat and thirst.

5. Helps to purify the blood.





1.    Pregnant Women should completely avoid it.

2.    People with heart disease and Hypertension should do it under expert supervision.