English Sitali Pranayama



What is Sheetali pranayama?


“Sheetali" means cooling in Sanskrit, & it is taken from the original word "Sheetal" which means cold. The practice of sheetali pranayam calms the mind, reduces the stress.It cools the body and mind, the blood pressure is also lowered. This pranayama is very effective in hyperacidity.


How to do Sheetali pranayama?


   1.        Practice in sitting position Padmasana OR sukhasana, and spine is erect.

2.        Then start inhaling through mouth by rolling the tongue, make sure that the air passing in is cooled via tongue.

3.        Initially inhale through mouth while rolling the tongue and exhale for 6 seconds through both nostrils, this can be practiced for about 5 minutes.

4.        With practice one can increase the counts to 5-10 times.


Benefits of doing Sheetali pranayam


1. Cools the body and controls the blood pressure.

2. Cures mouth ulcers and hyperacidity.

3. Control thirst, hunger and laziness.

4. Cures hyperacidity or even ulcers

5. Helps to purify the blood.





1.    Pregnant Women should avoid this pranayam.

2.    People with heart disease and Hypertension should do it under expert supervision.

3. If you feel dizzy then please stop the practice and continue normal breathing.

4.    Avoid this pranayam if you have low blood pressure.