Anulom Vilom Pranayam




 What is Anulom vilom pranayam?



Anulom-Vilom is a process in which first you have to close your right nostril from your thumb and breathe in from your left nostril then close your left nostril and breathe out from the right one after this breathe in from the same nostril you exhaled. This process has to be continued for at least 5 - 7 minutes.


How to do Anulom vilom pranayam?



Sit in Padmasana which is the most suited for the practice.Siddhasana and Vajrasana may also be used.One can also sit in sukh asan if other asans are uncomfortable.

Close the right nostril with your thumb and draw in air from the left nostril. Do this as slowly as you can, till your lungs are full.

Now release the thumb and close the left nostril with your ring finger. Then breathe out slowly through the right nostril.

Next take the air in from the right nostril and then release it through the left nostril (after closing the right nostril with the thumb).

This is known as the one round of Anulom Vilom Pranayama.



  Benefits of Anulom-vilom pranayam


1. Effective pranayam for cleansing of (72210) nadis.

2. Controls blood pressure.

3. Cures Sinus and headache problem.

4. Good for blood circulation.

5. Helps out in opening heart blockages.

6. Effective for cold and sinus blockages.





Pregnant Women & People with heart disease and Hypertension should do it under expert supervision.